trainer's card
name: Yunniel
ID no.: 3368-1604-4713
class: Coordinator
nature: Jolly
money: 999 pokédollars
pokedéx: 719
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Quick third generation pokemon nostalgia for my twin sister, PC4SH ~ She must be super hyped for the new games ! Can’t wait to play with her.

1,200 later (My longest Masuda Method yet) This fucker hatch with max attack and speed but with the wrong ability! -_-

Round 2 of the Fighting-Type Face-Off is under way! 


Fave grass type is Celebi. I used to be pretty obsessed omfg


best poké


I’ve made the Black and White legendary artifacts into bracelets, the Dark Stone and Light Stone, the dormant form of Zekrom and Reshiram as well as the ‘hold item’ that transforms Kyurem into Black Kyurem and White Kyurem.

These are probably going to be the last hold items I make unless something else gets requested a lot, but I think this pretty much covers all the popular hold items. I can’t turn a choice scarf into a trinket, though I’d love to find myself a real scarf like it, haha!

Bracelets by Trinket Geek:


Dark Stone - Light Stone


Dark Stone - Light Stone


Pachirisu animation. Omg, I need a break from emofuri XD”
Its tail is moving so weirdly O____O”

[edit 20.08.2014I’ve figured out how to make the “boobs part” to not bounce as much, as it did at the beginning. Yeah, it looks better, I think. 


bulbasaur’s my little brother’s favourite pokemon